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For almost 20 years now QUEEN OF ESCORT is the most successful and best rated Escort Service in Vienna and Austria. We especially value style and quality in our Escort Vienna Queens, their manners, or social graces, and their charisma. The vast majority of our Escort Vienna Queens is Austrian, besides German most speak another language, often English. Some of our Escort Vienna Escorts have familial roots in the ‘old’ countries of the previous Austrian monarchy, bringing to the table an important part of the rich cultural background that still makes Austria unique.

All our Escort Vienna Queens are perfect companions equally suited for any high-class glamorous Escort Vienna evening on any society event as well as in the way more intimate surroundings of a romantic and – if the chemistry matches – erotic one-on-one.

Choose from our wide Escort Vienna range of charming, enchantingly attractive, funnily entertaining, curiously adventurous young Escort Vienna girls in their twenties up to the more mature, experienced, and confident Escort Vienna ladies in their thirties, forties and beyond.

Our experienced ladies on the phone will happily help you with information on availability, preferences and merits of any Escort Vienna Queen you are interested in. Click through our Escort Vienna ladies’ index page and call or mail your wishes. We will quickly respond at the best of our abilities to satisfy your needs.

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